The popularity of the Internet as a major source of information and education has given rise to the number of online courses in India. For a country like India, online courses were not so popular even a few years ago. But in the present times, more and more students are opting for such courses because of the variety ofz benefits that they have to offer. Students who are already employed after completing their higher secondary examinations and are eager to pursue higher education in the field of their choice simultaneously with their jobs can find it to be a good option. The popularity of online courses in India has given rise to a number of online universities in India that offer a variety of courses for the students to choose from.

The degrees offered by these Indian online universities are accepted by a large number of employers and that is another reason why students from all over the country are enrolling for online courses. They can now pursue higher education from the comfort of their home and from an online university of their choice.

The future of online education is showing robust trend in India and this has encouraged many international institutes to offer their courses in India too. These courses are asynchronous in nature and can be done at the time and pace of the students.

Popular Online Courses in India

Online courses are offered in a variety of fields at the undergraduate, post graduate, certificate, and the diploma levels. Some of the popular online courses in India that are offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels have been broadly classified according to their fields below

 The popular online courses offered by online colleges and universities in India are


    1. Architecture
    2. Biotechnology
    3. Atmospheric Science
    4. Electrical Engineering
    5. Automobile Engineering
    6. Computer Science and Engineering
    7. Foundation of Scientific Computing
    8. Chemistry and Biochemistry
    9. Chemical Engineering
    10. Textile Engineering
    11. Electrical Engineering 


  • Numerical Solution of ODEs
  • System Design and Programming
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering    

Health Care and Human Services:The popular online courses on Health Care and Human Services have been listed below:

  • Psychology
  • Services
  • Social Work
  • Administration
  • Nursing
  • Community

Buiness and Management:The popular online courses on Business and Management have been listed below:

  • Communications/Telecommunications
  • Marketing
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Health Care
  • Management
  • Information Systems
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Travel and Hospitality

Education:The popular online courses on Education have been listed below

  • Adult Education
  • Technology
  • Other Education
  • Higher Education
  • Training
  • Distance Education

There are a host of certificate courses too that are available for students. Take a look at the list below to have a better idea regarding the variety of subjects:

  • Creative Writing Course
  • Handwriting Analysis Course
  • Accounting Course
  • Conflict Resolution Course
  • Marketing Management Course
  • Abnormal Psychology Course
  • Journalism Course
  • Advertising Course
  • Event Management Course
  • Emotional Intelligence Course
  • Child Psychology Course
  • Positive Psychology Course
  • Interior Designing Course
  • Forensic Psychology Course
  • Conversational French Course
  • Child Counseling Course
  • Marriage Counseling Course
  • Feng Shui Course
  • Psychotherapy Course
  • Copywriting Course
  • Interior Designing Course
  • Music Therapy Course
  • Candle Making Course
  • Project Management Course

Top 10 Online Colleges and Courses in India

Online Education Hub suggests following as top 10 Online Colleges in India :

  1. Indian Institute of Technology
  2. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  3. Amity School of Distance Learning
  4. XLRI
  5. Sikkim Manipal University
  6. Institute of Distance Education Jiwaji University
  7. The Harihara Mardaraj Distance Education Center
  8. Directorate of Distance Education (DEC), Sambalpur University
  9. Department of Distance Education, Punjab Technical University
  10. Gurukul Online Learning Solutions

Career Options

The accredited online courses are beneficial to students who want to continue their education whether at the undergraduate or the post graduate level.

These courses give a platform to students to further their education and therefore their career.For young professionals these courses are the stepping stones to career development and a more rewarding career.

Young professionals can enroll in these courses and add to their existing skill sets and accumulate new skills to bolster their professional careers and can give the regular program students a run for their money because of the experience they have in a professional atmosphere.

Some Websites for Online Courses in India:

An important portal for online education is: They offer online courses in collaboration with the following top universities.

Following 3 leading universities are providing online certificate and programs through U18:

  1. Karnataka State Open University
  2. Don Bosco University
  3. Uttarakhand Open University

 Scope of Online Education :

Before enrolling for an online course, the candidates must check whether the institute in question is accredited or not. Degrees offered by institutes that are not accredited will not be considered valid by any employer. Aside from helping the students to carry on with their studies simultaneously with their jobs, online education can also prove to be beneficial for professionals to improve on their skill sets and become better qualified. This can help them become the frontrunners for appraisals and promotions in their respective organizations. 

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