There are many websites that offer you help for writing different types of academic papers for a fee. These professional authors help you in preparing homework, writing essays, dissertations, and assisting you in your admission procedure. All your academic problems have a solution under the same umbrella. Whether your academic problem relates to undergraduate, graduate, or professional spheres, you can find an amicable solution to these problems. The price of the paper depends on an academic level, pages, deadline, and other factors. You can calculate the price of your paper on their website. It is clearly stated approximate word counts on every page, eliminating the need to count by yourself.


It is a major part of your post or undergraduate degree. This academic project is also known as a thesis in some countries. In advance stages of academic career, you may have to be present at oral examination (viva) to prove and defend your point of view of your paper in front of the examiner. In a number of colleges, the thesis is altogether a different declaration. Dissertations are published to display scientific findings on a specific subject to the public. The foremost objective of this paper is to illustrate the amount and understanding of knowledge a student obtained in the classroom during the session of the college or university. The number of pages of dissertations varies from place to place, but the standard format is 12,000 words for undergraduate and 25,000 words for postgraduate projects.

The Writer for you

The author who writes the paper for you is of profound knowledge and vast experience. One of the main features of this company is you can choose the author by birth, to be it American or British. Authors from your chosen country may be unavailable at some time. If the presentation of a particular author is liked by you, then you can request the company to assign the same writer for your projects. You can interact with the author on a personal level to make certain the paper is constructed in the desired format and fulfilling your requirements.

Your privacy is guaranteed

They safeguard your privacy all through the time. As they follow a strict privacy policy, your bank details will not be revealed to any other person. You have the option of not sharing personal information with the writer, and the latter may not reveal his details with you. There is a free look back period and money-back guarantee. To know more about the terms and condition, log on to any good

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