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Preparing for SAT can be tiresome but preparing well will have its benefits. Here are a few tips that we can suggest to you so that you prepare for this important test in an effective manner. Have a read.

The Process of Elimination – 

while practising the problems, notice that wrong answers are generally easier to be spotted. Get rid of those first. The more you eliminate the wrong choices, the better are your chances to find the right ones quicker and more accurately.

Surety in Answering –

answer only those questions which you are extremely sure of. Never take chances because unlike other tests, in SAT, 1/4 of your marks will be deducted if you choose the wrong option or make a mistake in answering.

Take the PSAT –

taking the PSAT will give you the real feel of how to take the SAT test. It is more like a testing ground for you to identify your strength and weaknesses and work on them before you set to take up the real test. The PSAT can only give you the formal environment of the real test which none of the test or practice material at home can provide.

Get acquainted with the rules –

the SAT has very strict set of rules and regulations. Get thoroughly acquainted with them before you set to take up the test. For example, only a limited period of time is allotted for each set of questions and if at all you miss to answer the question within that stipulated time, you will not be allowed to go back again and answer it.

Manage time effectively –

time management is the most crucial part of taking the SAT test but the most necessary part as well. There are various strategies that you can follow to learn how to manage time efficiently. Choose the best option that works for you can start practising it. If a particular question is taking time don’t ponder over it much longer and move on to the next question immediately.

Take up the practice test –

there is a practice set of SAT test that comes along with the booklet. Before you take the real SAT test, practice your skills with the mock test being provided. Whatever tips and strategies you have learned can be applied to solve this practice test and testify their effectiveness.

Official SAT Question of the day –

the School Board provides you with this question every day and you should try to solve it. This is a great way to keep practicing you skills and retain it in your mind for longer period of time until you sit for the actual test.

Understand the value of the test –

it is very important to be clear in your mind about the goal of this taking up this test. Why is it important to clear this test? Understanding the value or importance of this test for your career will provide you with the motivation to prepare well for the test.

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