A large number of Universities in USA offer online degrees to many students. The effort undertaken by US Universities offering online degrees have immensely helped many a students who find it difficult to pursue an educational degree from regular classroom education. To cater to the growing needs of such people, online degrees in USA have been made extremely simple and compact. Not many hassles are involved in the filling up of the online application forms.

Not only students but also people who are otherwise working in the related fields can pursue these online degrees from any of the universities of their choice. Be it the online courses in engineering or the online courses in Media or online courses related to the field of science or other courses that are remarkably popular among students, all courses of US Universities provide ample opportunities to every student. Besides this, one can also go for an array of online courses in Marketing and Law. Moreover, the value of the online degrees that a student obtains after pursuing these courses is equivalent to the value of the regular courses. On top of that here you enjoy the extra benefit of saving a lot of time.  

Graduate programs or higher studies in USA are still a dream for many. Considering the quality of teaching, academic curriculum and the value addition, the courses have on one’s resume is unbeatable. However, the high cost of living, the fees and not to mention, the convenience of going across the pacific to study, is often not a feasible option for few.

Taking into consideration their inconvenience due to the above mentioned factors, it would be better for them to pursue online degrees, which are offered by some reputed foreign universities in USA. If you are one of those, who seeks to gain higher studies via the online route, then check out the below mentioned list of universities that offer online programs in specific subjects. These online programs not just retail the rigorous academic standards or the high academic quality, but also offer convenience and flexibility in learning. 

American University 

AU offers online graduate programs and Master’s program primarily in international relations. Master of Arts in International Relations, Master of Arts in Comparative and International Disability Policy and Graduate certificate in Digital Media are offered by the university currently. If interested in Arts, students can pursue these options.

Carnegie Mellon University

From learning French to gaining insight into core subjects to the tune of  Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The college offers online courses, webinars and much more to give away students valuable knowledge based on updated information on these core subjects. 

New York Film Academy

If celluloid is what you are aiming at then sharpening your histrionics skills would be good from this university.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Online degrees in Architecture & Planning, Engineering, Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Science subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and even Management programs are offered by MIT and MIT Sloan respectively.

University of Massachusetts, Boston

Online courses in subjects to the tune of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, History and Arts are offered by the university. Most of the courses offered online are free and easy to download. Self study materials can be easily availed from the courses. Special education and music courses are also available online.

Stanford University

Stanford University is a reputed college and offers courses in Programming methodology, abstractions and paradigms. Apart from this the university has online courses in artificial intelligence, linear systems and optimization and other additional engineering courses as well.

Tufts University

The university has several departments by way of school of dental medicine, school of medicine, veterinary medicine, nutrition science and policy, arts and sciences and international relations. All these departments offer online courses in their respective subjects. Cummings school of Veterinary medicine, Fletcher school of international relations and Freidman school of nutrition and policy are all included in the Tufts university, which shall offer online courses in the respective subjects.

John Hopkins Bloomberg school of public health

The school of public health offers online courses in subjects pertaining to public health. Students interested in pursuing courses in public health and administration can avail online courses suiting their criteria. The school is also acclaimed for public health courses.

Whether it is Pure or Applied Sciences, Arts or Humanities or Management level programs, US has a list of schools and colleges offering programs, which suit the criteria and suitability of a variety of students. The best part is that they are easy to afford, sometimes absolutely free and give a lot of flexibility when it comes to gaining education.

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