When you are in university life, you must know how to write the essay and report. Many students tend to confuse the features and formatting of an essay with report writing. However, both academic and report writing are different from each other. Both of these academic reports are common, and students have to write  them many times during their studies. Despite writing both academic reports, students are still unaware of the difference between essays and reports. There are some basic similarities among both. However, the writing and proper formulation of the essay and report writing are different.

So, students must have an idea about the key difference in both types of academic writing.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to present the difference between the essay and report writing. So, continue reading to get useful information.

What is an essay and report writing?

The essay and report writing are both an academic style of writing. One has to be formal, coherent, and grammar centered while writing both. However, both of the academic reports are different from each other.

The essay writing is usually like the answer to the specific question or the topic. The writer of the essay writes the answer to the questions.  However, the target of the report is to provide the maximum data about the specific issue to the readers.

Therefore, both of them have their purpose for writing. Let’s discuss their differences.


The goal of an essay is to write an answer to the specific questions. The question can be of different nature that is reflecting the specific topic. The essay writer will write a detailed answer using different facts, stats, and opinions.

The goal of the report writing is to provide the reader with the maximum information. The writer should write a report in a way that describes or analysis any of the research. Most of the time, the report highlights the results or an event. Report writing is also more than just a description. Many of the reports use the results of research to solve a future problem or taking grad o the problems.


The formatting of an essay is composed of the introduction, conclusion, and the body. The introduction, as the name indicates, should be the introduction of the topic and question you are going to answer. The body of the essay usually consists of three paragraphs. Finally, the conclusion focus on the overview of the topic. The recommendations can also be added to essay writing, which is quite rare.

The formatting of a report writing includes the introduction, different sections (or chapters), conclusion, and recommendations. There is many formatting of the report writing. One writes the report writing the way their professor prefers. Therefore, the report writing formatting involves the graphical representations, charts, bullet points, different sections, and conclusion with the recommendations. The report writing must include the recommendations by the writer that focuses on the topic and overall view of the report.

Regardless of difference, students tend to mix the essay and report writing. However, before writing the essay and report writing, the student should always consider the recommendations of their professors.

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